温斯洛普大学的员工喜欢在大学校园工作的原因有很多! Take a look at the information below and discover a host of opportunities - many of which 不额外收费吗.


温斯洛普在学年期间举办了大量的表演和展览 免费或提供减少校园I.D. 例子包括:

  • 艺术展览及讲座
  • DiGiorgio学生会的活动-喜剧演员,音乐家,舞蹈家,诗人,电影,和 讲师  
  • 外国电影
  • 音乐、戏剧和舞蹈作品
  • 诗人和作家的朗读

Barnes & 高贵的书店

Located in the DiGiorgio Student Center, Winthrop's bookstore sells Winthrop merchandise and clothing, general reading books, school and tech supplies, textbooks, gifts, and more. 教职员工可以向书店和所有教职员工订购或租用毕业徽记 员工在这里购买的大多数商品都有10%的折扣 书店 并出示他们的温斯洛普身份证.


Varying from year to year, community events and activities draw crowds to campus to 享受下列庆祝活动:

  • 春季和冬季毕业典礼
  • U.S. 飞盘高尔夫锦标赛
  • Come-See-Me月光爵士乐,车尾派对和烟火
  • 圣诞镇-洛克希尔的节日
  • 返校比赛,车尾门,活动和庆祝活动
  • 圣诞镇-洛克希尔的节日
  • 一年一度的点灯活动拉开了节日的序幕


  • 学生入住日
  • 欢迎回来周在8月举行欢迎活动,包括总统的开幕 地址和接待,集会,和野餐的教职员工和学生
  • 接待,集会,和野餐的教职员工和学生
  • 中秋节庆祝活动
  • 总统's House的假日开放日
  • 年度教职员工和退休人员颁奖典礼
  • 食物驱动器
  • 校园美化志愿者机会


There's plenty to eat on campus, including Chick-fil-A, the Eagle Eatery and a food 更不用说步行就能到温斯洛普的休闲餐厅了. 看看 餐饮服务 了解更多信息,包括如何在校内购物时获得Cafe Cash. 一个校园 便利店——汤姆逊大厅的Eagle Express——也可供抢购 和去项目,零食,杂货,个人物品和更多. 所有校园餐厅 接受现金和信用卡(万事达卡或Visa).


Winthrop offers an 员工教育援助 Program which waives tuition for 符合条件的教职员工每学期最多可获得六个学分. See the 员工教育资助政策 欲了解更多信息. 还有一些其他的教育机会 to employees are listed below (some items include an additional fee to the employee).

员工福利 & 服务

Employees have many options to enroll in a variety of insurance and retirement 项目, 和符合条件的员工享受多种类型的带薪休假温斯洛普的员工和 南卡罗来纳州政府雇员. 机遇包括:

  • 国家退休计划选项和补充退休选项
  • Flexible spending accounts including dependent care spending, medical spending, and 健康储蓄帐户
  • 为符合条件的员工提供带薪病假、年假和带薪陪产假. 其他类型的付费 休假包括丧亲、服兵役、投票和陪审义务
  • Health and dental insurance, life insurance, dependent life insurance, and long-term 残障保险

温斯洛普每年有13个带薪假期,并为符合条件的员工提供带薪假期 雇员,温斯洛普是符合资格的雇主 公共服务贷款减免计划.


Winthrop employees and their immediate family members may attend regular season home 体育赛事免费. NCAA第一赛区大南部赛区的体育项目包括 男子和女子篮球,室内和室外径赛,越野,足球,和 golf; women's volleyball and softball; and men's baseball.


Ida Jane Dacus图书馆 路易斯·佩图斯档案和特别收藏属于温斯洛普大学 中央信息和文化/校园遗产中心. 除了图书馆的 参考资料、数字/电子和流通馆藏——包括视听资料 and media items, an oversize book collection, juvenile collection, and an historic, 完善的联邦存托图书馆计划收集- our Archives also houses numerous campus and community records, photographs, manuscripts, 历史书籍,文物,纪念品,口述历史和其他物品. 图书馆和 档案馆员工提供 range of services to library and archives users, including on-site and remote research and information guidance, expertise in teaching and learning technologies and platforms, consortium resources access, book delivery and scanning services, and interlibrary loan. 员工和学生都有借阅特权,pg游戏客户端的数据库, 目录,和机构存储库可在线. 设施包括现场 Internet access, desktop computers, scanning stations, group study rooms, individual study carrels, open study carrels, casual and group seating, and a meditation room. Throughout 今年, the 图书馆和 Archives host exhibits, displays, and other 项目 和事件.   


温斯洛普公司每天都有邮件收发服务. 邮局 位于DiGiorgio校园中心. 校园内邮件,美国.S. 邮件和机构内 mail for professional use may be sent and received through the campus mail services.


温斯洛普是麦克菲特幼儿实验学校的所在地,成立于1892年. Macfeat enrolls approximately 60 three-, four- and five-year old children in full and half-day 公立学年的课程. 这所学校起到了研究和示范的作用 site for the preparation of future teachers in areas such as early childhood and elementary 教育. 由专业教育工作者、研究生和本科生组成, Macfeat offers a child-centered program that fosters exploration, creativity, collaboration 和独立. 这所学校获得了美国早期学院的全面认证 儿童项目,国家教育认证的一个部门 年幼的孩子. 而温斯洛普员工的孩子则没有优先权 enrollment or reduced tuition, many Winthrop employees take advantage of the convenience 这个项目提供的校园位置和素质教育.

专业 & 个人发展计划

  • All employees 以及他们的直系亲属 are eligible for services provided 通过温斯洛普的员工援助计划免费提供. EAP免费提供 financial and legal services, and a wide variety of online, self-help training 项目 including, parenting, stress management, work-life balance, conflict resolution, time 管理等等.
  • An eclectic array of presentations and workshops for and by members of the Winthrop 学习社区是通过 专业卓越中心.  项目主题反映了兴趣和需求的多样性.
  • 公司全年为员工提供校内技术课程 温斯洛普信息技术部.  The Birdnest 在Winthrop服务器上为各个Web站点提供空间. 
  • Research and travel opportunities are available for faculty and staff for professional 开发目的.
  • The Outdoor Education Center (OEC) offers specialized group learning experiences in 一个有效的非传统环境.  位于大学的体育、娱乐 and research complex, OEC staff use creative games, warm-ups and a high rope course 为校园部门教授团队建设、自信等技能 学生团体. OEC还出租露营和皮划艇设备 温斯洛普户外探险总部(哇!).


The Division of 人力资源, Employee 多样性, and 健康 and the Division of Student Affairs offer a variety of health and financial wellness events throught 今年.

  • Confidential on-campus wellness screenings for employees and their immediate family 会员在秋季和春季提供服务
  • 福利和健康博览会
  • 流感及疫苗诊所
  • 移动乳房x线照相仪
  • Teledoc, health coaching, weight loss, smoking cessation, and other services for employees 参加了一项州健康计划
  • Winthrop's Employee Assistance Program provides up to four free one-on-one appointments with a mental health counselor per person, per issue, per calendar year for all employees 以及他们的直系亲属
  • 退休 planning, investment planning, healthy financial habits, and general financial-related 受教育机会
  • Travel Clinic coordinated by the 学生健康中心 provides valuable information for employees who are planning to travel abroad, including travel health issues, vaccines, 旅行前评估等等

娱乐 & 锻炼的机会

Winthrop's Office of 娱乐al 服务 and the 体育运动 Department offer an array 为员工提供追求健康生活方式的机会,例如:

  • 9洞高尔夫球场
  • 壁球球场
  • 圆盘高尔夫球场
  • 重量的房间
  • 有氧运动站
  • 健身运动
  • 篮球场
  • 室内游泳池
  • 校内的运动
  • 攀岩墙
  • 室内跑道

学习如何 become a member of the Lois Rhame West Health, Physical Education and 健康 Center. Faculty and staff who are not members of the West Center may sign up for a two week free trial membership to experience everything the West Center has to offer including 跑道、有氧设备、健身房、壁球场、游泳池、攀岩墙、 团体健身课程等等.


The Grants and Sponsored Research Development Department provides assistance in identifying grant and research funding opportunities, and guidance for applying for funding, and 管理和管理补助金和研究奖项.


Many Winthrop employees choose to get involved with campus and community events, such as:

  • 与学生团体、组织和项目合作
  • 校园美化工程
  • 促进和/或参与多元化、公平和包容研讨会
  • Opportunity to join and participate in affinity groups, including Black and African 美国人,亚洲和太平洋岛民,拉丁裔,和lgbt +群体
  • 学生入住日
  • 各种教职员工委员会
  • 参加教职员会议
  • 毕业典礼
  • Various events to raise funds for non-profit organizations (Crop Walk, Light the Night, 终身接力等等.)
  • 联合之路约克郡年度工作场所运动
  • 校园事工活动
  • Christmasville, the Rock Hill Christmas Parade, Come-See-Me events, and other community 项目


Sports and performing arts summer camps available to children of university employees.

*以上服务会随时更改,恕不考虑 雇员和温斯洛普大学之间的合同.